The Story Behind the Toon

In this cartoon a guy is blown up from what appears to be a failed science experiment, until you read the guy that was not affected by the blast ask “Well at least how does it taste.”

I admit that this is not the best joke in the world but I have a story behind this cartoon. I was at Nate’s BBQ here in San Francisco with a friend of my Sam a couple of weeks ago and we were brainstorming some ideas for a direct mailblown up campaign that I was working on. The topic of Pharmaceuticals came up and Sam thought of this one. We both started cracking up! I had to draw it right away. I had my sketch book open and I drew it down as if I was going to lose the idea. I like the guy’s face in the toon. I don’t know how the explosion must have unfolded. It defies physics. If a guy puts a pill or medicine in his mouth why is there blast marks on his cloths (or blast marks on the table as seen in February 13th finished cartoon). And smoke coming from his head???

This cartoon also shows how much I sucked at science class in school. I really have no idea what a science laboratory looks like. I just put this weird looking ball of glass on a rod iron pedestal and hook it up to a tube that goes to a test tube. I really don’t know if my microscope reads well.

I also like how thick the glasses are on the clean looking lab guy. By the way, this guy is not sympathetic to the blown up guy at all! What a jerk! All he cares about is the taste. I hope that guys is not my lab partner…wink wink…..what? I don’t get it.

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