Construction of a RACKAfracka Cartoon

This is the start of a RACKAfracka cartoon. This particular sketch came to me when I was out for coffee. But the real origin was while I was at work I was talking to my buddy Sam about the American saying, “Proof is in the Pudding”. We thought of a different treatment of this joke…but while I was at the cafe I thought of this solution. I rushed to sketch it down not really worring about detail. My goal was to get the idea down as fast as I can. Many times when drawing really fast you come up with stuff that is funnier. I love that the vat is so big that there is a ladder, plus the proof is just a arm hanging out of the pudding.

Vat of Pudding rough

Once I decided that it was a go on this cartoon, I do another sketch in my bigger sketch book. This sketch book I explore different design elements to the drawing and it’s basic composition. Many times it doesn’t change between the thumbnail sketch above but in this case I worked out that I wanted a real body on the ground and there would be a baseball bat as a possible weapon. These elements help tell a story even though I have no idea why someone would have a baseball bat at a pudding factory.

sketch of vat
Finally, I have plotted out most everything and I then do one more pencil drawing on Smooth Bristol board with an HB pencil. This is where I build more of the characters and thier costumes. My cops are a little old fashion but I figured this was the type of crime that needed cops from the past, after all who still mixes pudding in a vat like that? Actually I don’t know really how they make pudding in mass quantites. I love the “Sarg” in this drawing. He’s acting like he has seen it all before like saying, “Man…not again. Not in the pudding factory.” I like that there is a faucet coming out of the vat. As if that is a solution to empty the vat. Actually that brings up another point…once the pudding is made how do they get it out of there and put it into small packages? I don’t know much about factories but you still get the idea.
Pencil sketch of Vat

Log on to on Friday March 9th to see the final drawing of “Vat of Pudding”.All Rights Reserved 2007 Copyright Fritz Cartoons

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