Bird Calling Cartoon (Construction)

After popular demand I have brought back the “Construction of a Cartoon” fro the “Bird Calling” cartoon.� This one I thought of while trying to fall asleep like so many of my other ideas.� The thing that inspired this one the most was the fact that its a Penguin responding to the bird call.� First of all, what kind of jacked up bird call is this guy making that a penguin would turn its head let alone show up packed up ready to hang out.� The suit case was Sam’s idea.� After I ran the joke by him at work he thought I should put a suitcase in it.

sketch of bird calling

This is also a cartoon that took very little effort to do since I felt there was no need to elaberate on the background or the uniform of the guy other than the hat and the binochulars.� It took all but one hour from pencil to posting on the web.� I thought it would be funny if the guy was hiding in the bushes trying to fool any birds that would answer the call, and then the penguin who traveled from the South Pole no doubt shows right up to him exposing him and his hiding place.

Sketch ii of bird calling

From this joke, Sam and I started to riff and came up with several other jokes.�� You can see the finished cartoon by doing a search on for Bird Calling.

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  1. Spongebib December 21, 2008 at 2:45 am #

    Hi this “wheres the soap” “No soap. Radio. Is from a massive in joke from the seventies. Have a search on this online as yu’ll see that millions were in on it. So, chances are if all the folk laughing were over 40… wont have offended anyone!!!!



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