Early Cartoons

This week I’m going to post cartoons that I did when I was younger. Partly because I am moving and its forcing me to go through my old stuff and throw away things that I don’t need. This cartoon I did back in 1999. I had already graduated from High School and supposedly I was in college in art at Iowa State. But you wouldn’t know it by how bad the characters are drawn. My writing was a little bit in the gutter too.

I had invented a character called Kumquat Boy my freshman year in high school. I was still on the same idea. He had no personality except by name. I didn’t have any concept that I needed to be a writer first as a cartoonist and artist second. So Kumquat Boy never really developed. Except maybe into some poop jokes.


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  1. Bb June 11, 2008 at 8:50 am #

    Ahhhh, the power of the Kumquat.
    Nice cartoons. Glad to see you are following your dream.

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