Clowning Around

I have to admit, my friend Sam came up with this joke.  I had to draw it though.  It has the perfect amount of comedy and tragedy in a 5″ x 5″ single frame.  This cartoon was designed to be a greeting card.  This is why I submitted it to Foldsy to be voted on for a greeting card contest.  I can’t think of a better group of people that would express how much they miss a critical part of their act than the fourth member of a circus act of clowns.  Especially when the reason why the forth is missing is due to their own miscalculation of gun powder in the cannon.

I had a lot of trouble drawing the inside of a circus tent.  I still don’t think I pulled it off.  I think the tent is the weakest part of the drawing.  I need to go to more circus events when they come to town to practice…you never know when you’ll need to draw another clown cartoon again.

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