Greeting Card Contest

Many of your know from my Facebook invitation that I have been submitting cartoons to a online greeting card company called Foldsy as part of a contest for the most popular design.  As part of the contest also, there was a prize for the most submissions posted in one month of which I won for the month of August.  For that I won an Ipod Touch.  The real prize that I am trying to win is the $250 for the most popular design.  I submitted over 25 designs most of which are on this website already and I am hoping that Fritz Cartoons will make a strong  showing when it comes to picking the winners.

Voting is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.  There are many other artists that have submitted and some of them really good.  (But not as good as mine.  hahahahaha!)  Please if you have not cast your vote please do and remember to vote for Fritz Cartoons!

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