Well…There’s always next year…

I started this year of fantasy football pretty confident since I was fortunate to have had the 3rd pick

overall in the live draft.  Every year I am the self proclaimed “Commish” of the Foggy Bottoms Fantasy Football League.  With 3rd pick overall I could have had pretty much any pick of a number of quarter backs and running backs that no doubt would have made me a contender in this up coming season.  Of course the only way to compete is IF I pick the right player.  Which player did I want?

Tom Brady.

After getting the MVP of last year in the first round of picks I pretty much felt that I could take the rest of the draft off since I clearly had the best and most prolific player.

Leading up to the first game of the season I made a point to announce to everyone in our league how much fun it was to play with them this year and I understood if they didn’t want to play any more since given my 1st pick it was pretty much concluded that I had won it all before we even started.

The first week of football, Tom Brady took a snap in the 1st quarter against the worst team in history, the Kansas City “Easy Win” Chiefs.  Brady must have chipped a nail in while hiking the ball because he limped off the field along with my fantasy football dreams of glory.

Brady’s injury was not really the worst part.  For the rest of the first day of football the entire league made it their duty to call, text, email and send singing telegrams making sure they shared sympathy for me and shattered dreams.  Many of them shared in my suffering through laughter and jokes.  Some of them gave me useful advice by letting me know maybe Warren Moon would come out of retirement so I could pick him up off of waivers.

This season is really going to suck.

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