A Caspian Cartoon

Last week Heather Mason of A Caspian Production, an event management firm, contacted me about drawing

Here is a photo of the cartoons after they were printed at full size of 24" x 36"

Cartoons printed at full size 24" x 36" and mounted to gator board.

some cartoons for an up coming talk that she was giving for a small chapter of the Rotary Club.  The talk was on how to plan an event and why to hire A Caspian Production.

My job was to write, illustrate, color, and fabricate 9 panel cartoons that were to be mounted to 1/4″ gator board to be used on an easel for the presentation.  Four of the panels were just text and the other 5 were full color cartoons made to fit the outline that she provided.

This was a great job for me since Heather was great to work with in brain storming the ideas.  The subject matter is fun, and since in a previous life I catered for a catering company I know how bad a poorly planned event can be.

I drew the cartoons up this weekend and we printed and mounted the prints today and delivered them to Heather at a Burger King in Colma/Daly City.  I will keep you posted as she does on how well her speech goes but Heather did sound excited about how well her cartoons looked.  Plus she laughed which is what makes it worthwhile for me.

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