The Fall is Coming

Now that Fall is upon us, I’m look forward to all the holiday and winter jokes that I’ve been storing away deep in my sketch book.  Following in the big foot steps of Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, I too like to do cartoons with snowmen.  Starting with Halloween I think this coming fall of cartoons are going to be great.

Speaking of Halloween, I just saw the episode from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on DVD that I got from Netflix, where Larry doesn’t give kids candy for Halloween because he thinks they are too old.  That episode had me rolling in laughter it was so funny.

I remember when I first thought I was too old to go out on Halloween.  I had just got my drivers licence and I had decided that I’d go door to door by driving.  I did this mainly because it was an excuse to drive, and two I actually thought it would be faster.  But it wasn’t!  Every time I arrived at a new house I had to park take off my seat belt, get out and walk up to the door.  After five or six blocks of starting and stopping door to door, I realized that my time to candy ratio was decreasing plus I was losing money on paying for the tanks of gas.  It was also a bad year to be driving since my costume was a shiny rubber candy apple.  My rubber candy apple made it very difficult for me to get in and out of the car.  Plus my Volkswagen Rabbit was a stick shift and it was hard to move it into 2nd gear.

I retired my costume in 1995 when I turned 17, five years older than the average kid out there going door to door on foot.

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