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I was referred to Steven Cresci by my buddy from my BNI group, Richard Reinholdt.  Mr. Cresci was participating in the SAMCAR Annual Charity Spaghetti Feed & Auction and he needed an ad placed.  The story I heard was that he was in the shower where many ideas get dreamed up when he thought of a cartoon about Christopher Columbus with his three ships the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.  He didn’t have a punchline, but he knew that for this event he wanted to have this topic.  One aspect that he wanted included was the “serving you since 1492” on there but with “1492” crossed out and “1982” written instead.

Mr. Cresci emailed me and I was able to sit down with him to discuss his cartoon and how I can can customize the cartoon for him.

To the right is the cartoon that I came up with.  In the joke Christopher Columbus (shown in fancy clothes in the style of the time) is yelling at one of the sign painters who were in charge of spelling the names of the ships correctly.  Anyone who knows the names of the ships that Columbus sailed in will get the joke that the painter misspelled the name on the middle ship The Pinta and painted “Pinto” instead.

Below the cartoon I added a field of green with with text with Mr. Cresci’s information and then at the bottom in my handwriting I put the text “Serving you since 1982” just like he wanted it.

I looked through the entire brochure and Mr. Cresci’s ad had the only cartoon, and it was the only one that was funny.  I think this was a very creative way to grab attention from your potential customers since on all the other pages there were boring recipies that anyone can find.  How many different ways can you make speghetti?  Isn’t it just noodles and sauce?  Mr. Cresci used humor and a colorful illustration to give the customer something to engage with by laughter.  It maybe something poeple hang on the fridge if they like it.

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