Thy Monk Shrinkith

Sometimes when I’m riding on the bus I get to thinking.  I can’t say how I really got to thinking about a monk going to the cleaners and finding out that his robe had shrunk, but none the less it did come into my head and so I drew it fast into my sketch book.

I like this cartoon because of the social impact it may have if in fact monks do send their robes to the cleaners.  My gut tells me that a true monk would not.  A true monk would probably wash his robe himself or do the opposite and throw some dust onto himself when he gets to feeling like weeping and gnashing his teeth for a bit.

Another part of me says a monk would not be so vain as to worry about how well a robe might fit onto ones body.  Although the vanity would have surface at some point as I don’t think I’ve seen any monks in sack cloth that are showing so much leg as Morty in this cartoon.

I like the bunny slippers in this cartoon.  It fits because I’d imagine that a monk who has taken a vow of silence or the like, would possibly have an impulse to have something to hide and if a monk were to care about the length of his robe then he most certainly would hide some slippers or rainbow socks or something.  I chose the slippers since I think a monk walking around the church all day praying would want to where something comfortable.  Who wants to tromp around a monastery all day in penny loafers?

My sketch in my sketch book is all wrong on how the monk looks, as I think the big belt looks like a Santa Claus belt.  The sketch book drawing also doesn’t show the other guys robe in its “proper” length so the joke isn’t funny without the revealing of the proper length of robe.  That is why in the final I put two monks with proper atire so as to put emphisis on the fact that Morty is not following proper monostary dress code.  I also don’t know if monks have hood draw strings on their sack cloth robes so I didn’t put it in the final.

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