See Where Rackafracka is Now!

The front cover of Buchalter Nemer quarterly newsletter.

The front cover of Buchalter Nemer quarterly newsletter.

Rackafracka has found its way to the front page of Buchalter Nemers’ quarterly newsletter, Points & Authorities, and here is the latest version.  They contacted me and wanted a custom cartoon that could go with a theme that the newsletter would have.  The topic being that during this time of economic uncertainty a company can count on Buchalter Nemer to see you through it.  Being a full service law firm they can take care of anything that a company could go through during this economic melt down.

Anyway I was happy to approach this topic and it wasn’t that hard since this sort of topic reaches everyone.  My client is the one who said belt tightening over the phone and that is all I needed to hear.  I came up with the idea for this cartoon almost instantly.

Using cartoons in newsletter, direct mail, greeting cards are a good way to reach your clients and potential customers since the cartoon is easy to read, fun to look at and it adds a great way to illustrate your point to those who may not understand right away.  Another benefit is that if your reader likes the cartoon enough they will keep a hold of the publication and hang it in their office, or show their friends.  This can cause viral marketing that is the most popular way to spread the word about your company or message these days. I’ve been doing custom cartoons for several years now and can help you even write the joke.  Just tell me what the topic is going to be and I’ll do the rest.  Tell your boss or your marketing department to use Rackafracka in their next newsletter.

BTW, for you Fracka Fans out there who noticed the cartoon on the front page of the newsletter is smashed a little, I want to tell you that that is how they printed the newsletter and I’m not bitter.  For the correct proportion check it out here.

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