New Auctioneer on the Block

I got the idea to do an auction joke from my friend Lucky who just graduated from a auctioneer school.  He had called one evening very excited at the prospect of being a auctioneer.  He started to tell me some of the ins and outs of the auctioneer community and some of the business aspects.  Because I do a lot of cartoons for company’s who want a creative angle to their marketing, this got me thinking about what sort of jokes would be funny in the auction community.

I thought of several jokes, but the first one I thought of was a joke where a married couple are at a livestock auction and they are standing at the table where one might submit items to be auctioned off (the honest truth there is probably no such table at these auctions since they are probably carefully planned in advance but I needed that table for the joke).  The guy at the table is getting a bit tired of the husband over using the old and famous punchline “Take my wife….Please!”  Leaving the reader thinking does the husband really want the guy to auction his wife with the rest of the livestock?  Or is he just a moron that is over using a pun hoping for a bigger and bigger laugh every time he uses it?  Either way its funny.

In the final cartoon, I drew the wife to be less than desirable so the reader is lead to believe that the husband really thinks is wife to be livestock.  On the other hand the husband is no stud himself and a guy like that would be the type to over use a joke.

There is a bit of drama between the two cows in the drawing.  I suspect that they are thinking about what the heck is going on?  On minute they are eating feed or grass or whatever cows eat and the next minute some guy is chanting into a microphone numbers mixed with gibberish and fancy hand gestures.  This is no place for a cow.

I have never been to an livestock auction but this cartoon and talking with Lucky has made me want to go to one.  I bet I would find a lot of gags just watching one of these things.  I’m sure they are very exciting as well.

If you’d like to see the final color version of this cartoon click here.

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