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Many of you have given me great feedback on the new look of my website.  There is much work still to go but in the meantime I think is working out very well.

You’ll notice that when you click on the title of the cartoon a place for comments is available as well as a place to cast your rank of the cartoon you are viewing.  I encourage you to rank what you think of the cartoons.  This does a couple of things.  The best thing it does for me is when you give your honest opinion of the comic it tells me if this type of humor is what my readers like.  If a cartoon has a bad rating then it tells me that I should stay away from that type of joke.  The other is it tells new visitors to the site which ones might be the best on the site because of the high ranking.

Please leave your comments also.  This gives me feedback much in the way that the ranking does, but in many ways its better.  I can hear first hand what your reactions are to the cartoon.  This tells me what type of stuff people like about the joke.

The most important way you can support my comic is to refer your friends.  There is a “share” button at the bottom of each comic.  You can post it to your myspace or facebook, email it to your friends or co-workers, or digg or stumble my cartoon.  Without readers my comic can get lost in the thousands of comics out there and my land lord wants me to pay rent so I need to stand out from the rest.  You Fracka’s out there can help me achieve this buy sharing my comic with others.

Thank you for your support,

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