Couch Like This

Looking at the cartoon Late On Rent it brings me back memories of the couch I had in college.  It was the prime years of my life.  I had just got to Iowa State University.  My roommate at the time who I shall call him “Whino,” told me that there were no need for beds since he chose to sleep on the floor and use the loft beds for storage.  This arrangement left me with the couch.  So as to not sleep directly on the couch cushions I put a white sheet (later we learned was not a good color to hide various stains that would accrue over time), and I began sleeping the couch every night of my freshman year of college.  This is the same roommate that convinced me that nothing happens in college classes in the first week so why go to them.  Instead we should stay up till 3am every night eating pizza and playing cards.  Off to a good start.

This couch became quite the popular location of ridicule.  After nights of sleeping and sitting on the couch various areas of couch began to sag.  On top of the sagging, new smells began to fumigate the room as it never occurred to either one of us to wash the sheet that I had been sleeping on.  I still think the smell came from the Iguana that Whino bought.  That is another story all together.  The sheet to the couch also became a canvas for illustrations from visitors that came to our room.  I think this couch was the spot where Whino asked his wife to marry him too…but that info is not supported by any actual witness its more of an ISU myth.

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