A week of Halloween Cartoons

This week I’m doing a Halloween cartoon every day.  I’m opening the week off with a cartoon about what I think would happen if kids were allowed to trick or treat in Heaven.  Being that this holiday is known for its devils, blood, gore, and anything scary I find the irony of trick or treat taking place at the Pearly Gates of Heaven would be quite the scene.  I’d imagine that St. Peter would maybe do a double take and maybe call Pearly Gate security.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this weeks Halloween cartoons.

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  1. Phillyzero October 30, 2008 at 12:12 pm #

    Absolutely great stuff this week. On a side note (perhaps I just can’t find it) but is there an archives page? I really want to browse through some of the old stuff, but I don’t feel like clicking through every next one from the first comic lol.

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