The APE in San Francisco

Photo by Tony Piro who is creator of Calamities of Nature

Photo by Tony Piro who is creator of Calamities of Nature

This last Saturday I went with a buddy of mine to the Alternative Press Expo (APE) here in San Francisco.  I had never been to such an event and so I didn’t know what to expect.  I hear rumors of other comic expos with people dressed up in uniforms and costumes parading around playing pretend, so I have to admit I was wondering if my jeans and t-shirt would leave me a bit under dressed.  There was not really anyone dressed up in any costumes that I saw so I survived.

My goal at the expo was to check out the scene and see who I’d be able to meet there who are local to the Bay Area where I live.  Plus I wanted to see what else is being done out there that I don’t know about.  Since most of my drawing takes place in my apartment and then I post my cartoons on the web and sometimes in print, I never really meet or see other peoples work unless these type of venues occur.  I did meet Tony Piro who I had only known recently online through StumbleUpon, and The Webcomic List, so it was nice to meet him.  He is the creator of Calamities of Nature.  I met some other artists and comics too that I will feature in future blog entries to come.

Overall I really enjoyed myself and it got me thinking of many things that I can do to promote Rackafracka.  One of the first things that I will be doing in the next couple of weeks is offering a 2009 Calender for sale through the print on demand website Lulu.  I have started building the store already and will be up and running hopefully in the next couple of weeks.


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