Worms and more Worms

This cartoon began just as a what if.  I never really thought I’d actually put ink to paper on it.  Maybe its because I’ve got a ton of experience in the sign industry, I don’t know, but the horror of misspelling a word on a sign is a sign makers nightmare.  I’d imagine too that “Hookworm” send the wrong message to the potential patrons of the Bookworm Library.  I only know a little about hookworms but from what I know they can be quite nasty if one somehow gets into your intestine.

The more I look at this worm cartoon the more I like it.  I don’t think the drawing is very strong, but I think the idea is funny.  I keep imagining how a crew of sign worms would install or paint a sign on the side of a building.  I like the face that Hal is on a ladder as if he was just finishing, but of course worms don’t have arms so how in the heck did they put the sign up at all let alone climb a ladder?  I guess that is why they are wearing hard helmets.  I’m sure having no arms and having to paint with their mouths that falling from the ladder was normal.

I’ve been in the sign industry for several years and misspelling signs happens more that you think.  Like most art forms when you are so close to something for hours on end the artist or fabricator becomes blind to the most obvious errors.  I made a handicap wheelchair sign that he 3 “E’s” on it.  The sign read “Wheeelchair“.  The weird part about it is that the passed through myself, my production staff, and my client and no one said a thing.  I don’t think anyone thought to proof read a simple sign that everyone takes for granted.  I think Hal did the same thing.  Some how he got lost in the moment of his responsibility and changed the “B” to a “H”.  Poor Hal.

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