The Penguin Joke

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine, Jay, from my childhood and we were remembering our childhood summer camp that we attended.  For the majority of my childhood I attended a summer camp every year, and sometime twice a year where I met up with friends from different parts of the state of Iowa.  Some of these friends from summer camp I am still friends with today.

Jay and I talked on the phone and drew up nestolgic stories of our times growing up.  One of the stories that didn’t come up in our conversation that I thought of shortly after our conversation ended was the “Penguin Joke.”  I don’t know who among us started this joke or even who made it up.  Knowing our group we probably stole it from a movie, but all that aside my freinds and I every year had the same joke  and that was the “Penguin Joke.”  We had this joke because every year our summer camp had a talent show where cabins would work together for one afternoon to come up with a skit or performance that was built most likely to kill time and keep these kids occupied for one more afternoon.  Our skit was always easy.  Let ‘s tell a joke that has no real punchline or actual humor and see who we can get to laugh.  One person from our cabin would tell the fake joke on stage on behalf of the cabin, and the rest of the cabin and another selection of kids who were cool enough to know the fake joke secret were to bust a gut laughing once the joke teller said the word “Radio”.  The idea was more of a social experiment than anything.  The joke for us was to see who was laughing that we knew were not in on the secret that there was no joke.  To us this was funny!

I don’ t know who was picked to say the joke…but someone was up there.  The joke went like this.  Two penguins are on opposite sides of the iceburg in the middle of the ocean.  Both penguins walk around and around the iceburg until one comes up to another and says, “Radio.”

Just then at the word “Radio” 20 selected  audience members hooted and hollered laughing and clapping as if it was the best joke ever.  I remember some of the people not in the know did laugh and that made us laugh even more.  Most likely I was a jerk about it and got into the persons face that of whom didn’t know it wasn’t a joke and most certainly mocked him to his face probably scaring him for life and making him hate me.

It’s not bad enough that we did this once.  I think we did this every year.  I don’t know why we thought it was funny or cool.  Or why we thought that people from last year wouldn’t remember the fake joke.  But we did it.  Every year.

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2 Responses to The Penguin Joke

  1. mikec November 22, 2008 at 5:08 am #

    we owned that camp

  2. Fritz November 22, 2008 at 6:57 am #

    I was wondering who was going to be the first to say that. Good times! Great Oldies!

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