Global Warming?

If things are heating up we can always put our own icebergs in the water.

If things are heating up we can always put our own icebergs in the water.

I don’t know what people are talking about with all this global warming stuff.  Yesterday was really cold in San Francisco.  I don’t remember SF being this cold before.  I thought things were warming up? According to my calculations that I did from my heated blanket and cup of hot coffee from my house with a watch calculator we are entering an ice age not a global warming age.

This ice age in San Francisco reminds me of the time I was in Chicago at the history museum there (I forget what its called and I’m too lazy to link to it).  My buddy Andy and I were going through the exhibits and one of them showed on this huge TV screen the changing of the earth through billions of years on a time lapse.  So in a 2 minute video it showed 100 million billion years or whatever and in that time there were a whole bunch of times where the earth heated up and cooled to an ice age about 7 or 8 times on its own.  None of which were caused by man since we hadn’t evolved yet.  I told Andy that they need on exhibit at the museum a Hummer so everyone can see the cause of melting of the ice caps for the 8th time was finally caused by a living organism and not caused by the natural cycle of the earth over a hundred million billion years.  Of course I can prove all of this.  If you’d like to meet with me for coffee I can show you on my watch calculator how it all works.

The first time in earth history man is warming the earth without the earths help.

The first time in earth history man is warming the earth without the earths help.

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4 Responses to Global Warming?

  1. AndyD December 10, 2008 at 6:43 am #

    Amen. Everyone should remember that Wooly Mammoth’s lived on this earth just ~10,000 years ago. Did the cavemen make too many fires and cause the earth to warm up to the temperatures we see today? Not likely. The earth warms and cools on its own over periods much longer than a generation or two.

  2. Shirley December 10, 2008 at 7:22 am #

    Yeah! Scientists! They are just a bunch of conspiracy theory wackos! What’s unbelievable is that this global warming hoax has permeated every discipline of rational critical thinking science. What is with these guys, for the last 50 years they have poured their life’s work into understanding the worlds processes, only to get fooled by Al Gore into thinking that human activity is speeding up the rate of change…oh wait, that’s not what this is about, you are just talking about ice ages….To change the subject, it is pretty impressive that in the last 100 years of the human industrial age humans have been responsible for an increase rate of change. That is certainly a problem, not the change, that is natural, but the speed at with which it is occurring. No problem for the earth, it will recover, REAL problem for the people. No judgments on the actions of the past, they did the best with what they had and knew, but CERTAINLY there is a moral responsibility of this generation to understand and pull our heads out of our proverbial asses. Our society is no longer ignorant, but for what ever reason there are enough uninformed people out there spewing garbage about a climate change hoax. Change matters, especially the rate of change, just my thoughts (and a few tens of thousands of other agenda less scientists).

  3. larry shepherd December 10, 2008 at 8:53 am #

    Thanks for the “different” viewpoint on this. I don’t see rain for days during a time of year when it should be raining and just when I start to think “Hey this is really true” we are having floods, can’t get to work, streets shut down, etc.

  4. Fritz December 10, 2008 at 11:15 am #

    Is that why you always call in late to work Larry? jk

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