Another Sacked Cartoonist

It’s the sad reality of the times.  Another one of the worlds cartoonist Eric Deverick from the Seattle Times has fallen victim to the newspaper industry inability to adapt to the internet age.  I don’t know how newspapers didn’t see it coming?  Anyway a couple days ago in the San Francisco Chronicle they had an article about a Seattle cartoonist that is losing his job as an editorial cartoonist due to lack of money.

This depresses me of course since someday I’d like to make my living as a cartoonist, but this sort of news makes things look very grim.  Its a good thing its been a labor of love for me otherwise this sort of news would probably make me move on.

I am hopeful though that the internet with all its tubes and wires will be around for a while and somebody out there will write a business plan that works to employ this fantastic art we call cartoons.  Meanwhile support your local web comic by reading his or her stuff and telling your friends.  Thanks.

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