Test of Perspective

In the Rackafracka cartoon “Hole in the Bucket” it became a real test of my ability to draw in perspective.  Usually due to time and the effort to pump out a Rackafracka five days a week I usually just eye ball it and I don’t really use a ruler.  In most cartoons this is fine to do, but I felt that in this cartoon drawing a huge factory would be needed to help the joke.  I really wanted the supervisor to be on a catwalk high up above the quality control department as the buckets are coming off the assembly line.

Now this joke was a nod to the old children’s song made popular by Harry Belafonte according to Wikipedia.  This came about by my good friend Sam Goldsmith who had the vision of a guy in the quality control department of a bucket factory and finding a hole in one of them.  I didn’t really change much of this idea, but I did spend a lot of extra time making sure that the perspective was gong to be right.  I love the catwalk.  With the stairs and the colors of the shadows below the catwalk I really enjoy how this turned out.  The extra time with the ruler was worth it.  I hope you enjoy it too.

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