Back to Work

Tomorrow I go back to my day job at the sign shop.  Having only been to work 4 days in the past two weeks, I’m eager to get back into the routine and get stuff done.  With my time off I have gotten a head start on the Rackafracka cartoons and have a pipeline now.  I have some ideas of somethings I want to do with my website and with the help of my friend Matt I’ve learned how to do some of these things.

I spend a lot more time writing that I do drawing.  Much of it to do with trying to find the best joke in a given frame.  They don’t always hit but I move on to the next one with every day being a new fresh canvas to try again.  I’ve started writing some humor poetry that I hope to start sharing later this year.  I may do a weekly post with a unique drawing to go along with the poem.  So look for that in coming soon.

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