No Stopping!

When I was at Iowa State University, for a little bit of time I lived on Stanyon Street right across the street from the design building.  I lived in an apartment building that was a “Y”  intersection with two of the directions having no stop sign and the other direction had a stop sign.  During the summer my friends and I would play cards out on the deck.  From time to time local drivers would come to the intersection and get confused and stop at the intersection where there was no stop sign.  This became a little bit of a game for us since everytime this happened we all felt the urge to yell out at the confused driver to let them know that their cautious driving was unnessessary since there was no stop sign.  We would all yell “NO STOP SIGN!”  Being that it was summer, many drivers had thier windows down and so they would hear our ridicule and sometime we would get profane gestures or even some people felt the need to yell back some equally profane words.  Nobody ever thanked us however.

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  1. Shirley January 26, 2009 at 8:53 am #

    If I recall that stop sign did make for a great first hole on the disc golf course. That is until someone complained to the police that there was a group of hoodlums walking around tearing down the signs.

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