Flat Footed Figure Drawing

nude-drawing-sketchWhen I was going to the Academy of Art University, I had to take a lot of figure drawing classes.  It doesn’t show much in the cartoon but I’m not trying to tell that kind of story.  I remember many times getting this same model over and over she always put together some of the most boring poses.  She would stand straight as a board and maybe bend her arm at the elbow and point a finger 90 degrees away from her body.  No tilt of the head in a dramatic way, or shifting of weight on her feet…nope she stood flat footed.

One day I got so sick of drawing her I asked the professor how they come to chose their models for the class.  He told me that its through a modeling agency but that the professor can request certain models.  I complained that this model lacked something, but I couldn’t tell him what it was without showing him.  I sort of “struck a pose” as it were and showed him what I meant.

My professor spoke up and said, “Not only can’t you draw, but your even worse at modeling.”  He later asked why do I always draw my figures flat footed.

For the full color version of this cartoon on nude figure drawing search for nude in the seach bar.

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