Sketchbook- Hold the Onions

without-onions-sketchI haven’t done this in a while, but here is the drawing that is out sketchbook for the Hold the Onions cartoon.  I actually thought of this joke after I drew it.  I thought it would be funny to have a safari explorer and his wife being put into a Looney Tunes type cooking pot with all the wood below the pot and the canibal chopping up the vegetables to put in the stew.

The joke came when I started to draw the cannibal and tried to see what he might be chopping.  Anytime I draw vegetables I always draw the vegetable that I hate the most and that is onions.  And the joke was born.  Why not have the guy in the pot ask kindly to the cannibal who is about to eat them if he can get some without onions.

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