Queen of Quickbooks


Recently I’ve been working with bookkeeper royalty, Pamela Lyons the Queen of Quickbooks.  She talked with me about doing a cartoon for her e-newsletter that had to do with her clients picking the right team to handle all their bookkeeping needs.  The Queen of Quickbooks is that team.  In the cartoon I came up with a baseball team struggling to do math.  This message is clear to the reader and her potential clients that you don’t want to hire just any team, but the RIGHT team.  I had fun drawing this one, since as of late I’ve been on a chalk board/ math kick.  If you are a company that needs custom cartoons like this one for your e-newsletter needs email me at fritz@fritzcartoons.com and let me know what kind of cartoon you want.  You can check out the Queen of Quickbooks at her website.

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