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20090930-wMy dad is a marriage therapist in Ames and Des Moines, Iowa.  He also updates a couples blog called Thriving Couples Blog.  He writes from his extensive knowledge on relationships dating back from when he was a pastor of a church in Fort Dodge Iowa to running a busy marriage therapy practice.  Well, recently my dad was told by the doctor that he has sleep apnea and that he would have to wear a machine while he sleeps to help him breathe.

Well as soon as I heard this news the cartoonist in me thought of how I can make this into a funny cartoon to make fun of my dad.  (Good son right?)  So this is where the sleep apnea cartoon came from that I posted on September 30th. I pictured this space age science lab type of water chamber where the patient would float naked in for the night sleep and of course being in a machine like this would effect the relationship of the husband and wife since they can no longer cuddle.

My dad loved the cartoon, (as did other members of my family who thought the naked guy just happen to look like my dad) so he wrote an article on his blog about cuddling and how it is good for your marriage.

smeagol8phRelationship cartoons are a big part of the jokes with Rackafracka.  Unless you are Smeagol from Lord of the Rings and you don’t have any friends, most of us can relate to interacting with family members, co-workers, husbands, wives, siblings, girl friends and boy friends.  Relationships are so full of ups and downs and built on inside jokes and laughter that I thinks it’d be hard to do a cartoon strip with out telling jokes about relationships.  Because my dad is marriage therapist I do tend to do more jokes on marriage (although my dad never tells me stories of specific couples).  Most of the jokes come from observing other people and reading about it, since I have never been married.


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