Custom Cartoons for a Immigration Attorney

20100511The last 4 months I’ve taken time off from Rackafracka to focus on paying jobs (imagine that…a cartoonist getting paid).  This is a recent job that I did for a immigration attorney.  The attorney was giving a presentation about i-9 forms that business owners have to make their employees fill out when being hired.  This form is required by law for employers and it could mean big problems for the company if they are not done.

When doing a custom cartoon for immigration it can be very difficult.  Especially when you are trying to promote a immigration attorney’s practice.  You have to stay away from stereotypes and political issues that might offend the kind of people that the attorney is trying to attract.  At the same time you have to be funny.

My solution was to make the Department of Homeland Security the butt of the joke by picking on a little girls lemonade stand business.  I think this joke pulled it off.

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