Custom Cartoons for Solar Power

20100508smEvery quarter I do a custom cartoon for Buchalter Nemer.  A law firm based out of Los Angeles who have offices in San Francisco and Scottsdale Arizona.  This quarter I was asked to do a cartoon about solar power.  This is a great topic since there are many things happening in the field of solar power that a law firm like Buchalter Nemer can help them with.  In a up and coming industry like solar power new inventions and businesses are created so that got me thinking about new inventions that we might see or already see.  For example how to heat a public swimming pool.  Well heating a public swimming pool is not funny, but heating a bird bath is funnier, but what if it were the birds that thought to use solar power to heat the bird bath.

I almost ruined this joke by having a plug in cord leading from the machine which would defeat the purpose of solar power.

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