Still No Caption Yet

20100611-thumbThere is quite the debate going on at the Rackafracka community page on Facebook.  Last week I posted a sketch of this Friday’s cartoon but with no caption.  I put it to the Rackafracka readers to help me with the caption and its been a fun ride.  There are some really clever ideas.  But I’m waiting to pick a caption (it’ll be very hard to choose)until Thursday night to put a caption on this puppy and post it.  Join the fun and visit the Rackafracka community page.

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  1. Philly June 9, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    Ok…here’s my shot at a caption.
    “In his quest to try and become an honorable man, Joe tried to fast track his way to saintly hood.” Reference: Jonah and the Whale

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