60th Anniversary of Peanuts at the Charles Schulz Museum

It was a great day at the Charles Schulz Museum.  As an aspiring cartoonist its always fun to hang out at the museum, but Saturday was especially special since there was a Sketch-a-thon event to honor the 60th Anniversary of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts.  About 16 cartoonists were invited to set up in the great hall of the museum to meet and greet visitors, sell books, and sketch a drawing in honor of the the anniversary.

As a volunteer I was able to work a couple hours than go down in my yellow vest and visit with the cartoonists as they set up when some of them showed up early.  I was hoping to have a conversation with them about cartooning in hoping to maybe get some great advice.  All of them who I met were great and wonderfully willing to share their incite into the industry of cartooning.

I had a lengthy conversation with Brian Fies who was gracious with his time.  I had been reading Mr. Fies’ blog for sometime since he had written a helpful article on Photoshop that was posted on Mike Lynch’s blog. Mr. Fies showed me some of his pens and pencils that he uses in his drawings and even signed my sketchbook.

brian-freisI also had a great conversation with Mike Gray the creator of Clumsy Love.  I also got some great advise from Jonathan Lemon the creator of the syndicated comic Rabbits Against Magic.  I even bought one of his comics for 10¢.  I gave Mr. Lemon a quarter and he said he didn’t have change.  I didn’t think about it, but I should have bought a 2 of the comics.

Also at the event who was kind enough to talk with me, was Paul Madonna the creator of All Over Coffee. I’ve been reading Mr. Madonna’s work on SFGate.com for several years now.  Mostly I just look at the drawings which I’ve always been in awe.  Partly because many of the drawings are of San Francisco landscape and buildings.  It reminds me of when I was a student at art school and I had to draw in my sketch book of landmarks and buildings in San Francisco.  Although Mr. Madonna’s drawings put my little doodle’s to shame.  He was also very gracious to doodle and add his signature into my sketch book.

paul-modonnaDan Piraro the creator of Bizarro was also there.  I most remember Mr. Piraro because a couple years ago I sent my comic to the San Francisco Chronicle and the response I got was that they already had a single frame comic.  That single frame comic was Bizarro.  But hard feelings aside I was eager to tell that to Mr. Piraro so when I presented my sketchbook to him then shamelessly showing him my Rackafracka comic postcard I told him the story.  I forget his response, but when he was drawing in my sketchbook the drawing below.  I noticed he was drawing a guy with a cigar.  I told him that I was glad he drew a cigar since I too like cigars.  He told me he was staying in SF and was hoping to have a cigar before the event but traffic on 101 prevented him from stopping.  I got to tell him about Telford’s Pipe & Cigar in Mill Valley and gave him directions.  Not sure if he went…but if he did I know he would have liked it.


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