Art Publishing Now Bay Area

APN_Poster-wYesterday I went to Art Publishing Now Bay Area.  I went to Day 1 Summit where they had several break out sessions by various creators of print, online, and experimental publications talk about the industry of publication today.  It was very informative at some parts of it, but I mostly enjoyed the Q and A time where an actual discussion took place.  The presentations were just a big commercial for the people that are on the panel and I didn’t learn much.  This even was put together by Southern Exposure.  Some of the participants were Bad at Sports (a podcast), The [Un]Observed (a radio magazine), Arion Press, Electric Works, Little paper Planes, McSweeney’s, The Present Group, Gallery 16, Pop-Up Magazine, Longshot magazine and many more.

I couldn’t stay the whole day, but I think it was a great discussion to talk about publishing today.  The big topics that people were talking about was obviously the effect the digital age has on the book industry which are becoming fetish items.  Blogs, podcasts, video, self-publishing, digital printing, and websites are all easier than ever for anyone to do.


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