Fritz Cartoons has Moved!

artist-struggle-wI have severed ties with Fritz Cartoons!  Well not really.  Since I am Fritz and thus Fritz Cartoons and Rackafracka are both me I’m not really seperated from either, however Rackafracka and Fritz Cartoons are now two different websites.  Fritz Cartoons is now going to focus on the business side of cartooning while Rackafracka will be a normal webcomic that will pursue its own end.  They are no long joined at the hip like those conjoined twins down the street that always give me the evil eye.  Continue to enjoy Rackafracka and read and share with your friends that is why it is here.  But I need to make a living and Fritz Cartoons side of things will hopefully take care of that so Rackafracka can live on.

Thank you for your readership and all your support!

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