Fritz as a Peanuts Character

For a better part of 2010, I’ve been volunteering at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Ca.  Most days that I’m there I spend in the Education Room helping visitors (mainly children but some adults get really into it) learn how to draw Peanuts characters, help kids color Snoopy, or run the DVD player so everyone can watch some vintage Peanuts animated cartoons.  Every time that I’m there, something new always happens.  It might be that I meet someone new, or I see a Peanuts cartoon that I’ve never seen before.  Some times its just fun to draw something for kids who are always excited to get a drawing and are excited to show off their latest Crayola creation.

This last Saturday on the other volunteers Matthew Lankford offered to draw me as a Peanuts character.  The museum had only been open a couple minutes so not many people had shown up yet so I said yes.  This was a new concept for me and it was fun to see him draw me as a Peanuts character.  I wouldn’t say that I’m much trouble to draw since I shave my head and I’m basically round like Charlie Brown.  But as you can see from this drawing (done in marker and crayon on paper) he showed me with quite a bit of detail.  I hadn’t shaved that day and so he drew my head looking like a basketball with a stubble.  Just like a caricature artist that you’d find at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, he asked me while he was drawing, “So what sport do you like?”  I told him baseball.  I was wearing my bright yellow vest required by volunteer dress code and he even put the detail of my name tag into the drawing.

I’d like to thank Matthew Lankford for sharing his talent with me.  Now I have this great drawing of me as a Peanuts character.

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  1. Larry Shepherd December 7, 2010 at 8:40 am #

    Good Grief!

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