New and Improved RSS Feed!

I’m happy to say that I’ve discovered the problem with my RSS feed finally and it has been fixed.  I don’t think I ever complained about it on the blog, but its been a long time problem with me and my website since many experts in WordPress and myself have been stumped as to why my comics were not showing up in the emails from the RSS to Email feed.  With boring you the problem is fixed and now you can receive your daily Rackafracka in your email with the new and improved RSS to Email feed I have set up through MailChimp.  I do not sell your information and it is totally free.  Also on occasion I will be sending extra special rewards for those that get on the email list.   So if you like an easy way to get your Rackafracka please sign up.  You can find the sign up in the upper right hand corner on the right sidebar of the home page.

Thank you for your readership and your support.

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