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Since October of 2010 I’ve been posting Rackafracka comics on UClick’s Comic Sherpa.  Comic Sherpa is hosted by Universal Uclick and its a place for up and coming cartoonists like myself to post their work and get feedback from readers.  They have over 150 syndicated comics including Garfield and Doonesbury as well as editorial comics, puzzles and games.  The best information I have about GoComics.com is that they get about a half a million visits on the website.  The readers are going to this one website to read all their favorite comics.  And that is what is so great about GoComics.  I find it takes all day to go all over the web to read comics on all the different websites.  If you sign up for a free account on GoComics you can create comic pages which are rss feeds of your selected comics that show up on your individual comic pages.

What has been fun for me is the comments.  There is a legitimate community of readers at GoComics and as a creator of  a comic hearing the response from  readers is what it is all about.  The feedback is what brings the most joy out of doing comics and its also what makes me aware of what I need to improve.  This is why I post on GoComics and Facebook because that is where the readers are.   I invite you to check out Rackafracka on GoComics and subscribe.  It’s a lot of fun, its free and you can help support Rackafracka by doing so.

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