Sneak Peak on This Friday’s Rackafracka

Early sketching of the original idea about Yoda in retirement.

This cartoon had me cracking up.  I thought of this one while I was of course writing.  I did a couple Yoda sketches where he was in retirement.  But the joke really wasn’t working for me.  A couple weeks go by and I came across it again when I was flipping through my sketch book.  I knew it could be funny.  I just didn’t know how.  Many jokes start like this.  This usually means that the funny lies in the writing.  Maybe a week goes by again and I go back to it this time changing the scene to where Yoda is drinking at a bar and maybe he’s with a friend.  Now I just have to come up with something that he would say.  I looked up on the internet famous Yoda sayings.  Mainly to see how he talks so I can replicate it.  I must admit I’m not the best with grammar so my first attempts were wrong.  Until one night I was actually putting pencil to paper on this cartoon (without a punchline yet.  That’s how funny I knew it was…I just hadn’t found it yet), when I asked my roommate “If Yoda was drinking at a bar what would he say?”  I gave him an example of “the tequila in this margarita is strong.”  I can’t remember what else transpired except that my roommate gave some suggestions that my word choice was weak and suggested that I use a more action packed verb.  This helped out and I landed on Yoda drinking a “Obe One Kenobi” type character under the table.  I guess at 900 years old you probably got some serious drinking skills.

I’m very happy that I stuck with this joke.  This happens all the time.  I’ve got probably a dozen cartoon ideas sitting in my sketchbook waiting for the “Aha!” moment.  You just have to work at it a little and change little things or angles to reach the final funny.

Here is the final cartoon which will post this Friday.

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