Who’s Your Daddy Blues & Rock Review T-Shirt Design

My buddy Brian Shirley is in a band.  He is a bass player.  His band is called, “Who’s Your Daddy Blues & Rock Review.” I’ve never heard them play since they are in Utah and his tour doesn’t really make it over to San Francisco.  But my buddy Brian asked if I would illustrate his bands t-shirt.  Not only have I never designed a t-shirt before, but Brian wanted me to draw the likeness of the band members.  I’m not much of a caricature artist so this is usually something I turn down.  But this Brain Shirley.  This is friend that I’ve known since grade school.  We’ve also lived together at Iowa State in the dorm and he got kicked out for keeping desert animals alive in the dorm room.  I also took a road trip half way across the country and we stood on the continental divide and peed on both sides so our pee ran on both side of the country.  So that being said, I agreed to draw the shirt.

The design is going to be white on a black shirt but the file here is the reverse of the final production print.  But you get the idea.

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