Blogging with Good Writing and Funny Cartoons

My copy writer friend and colleague Gil Zeimer is one of the hired guns the Intuit uses for their small business blog and he interviewed me.   Intuit’s blog is focused on spotlighting small businesses and my business of cartooning for business can’t get much smaller since its just me.  My niche is doing humor cartoons for business for their blogs, newsletters, e-mail marketing, presentations, and more.

Business is booming too.  More and more companies are drinking the Kool-aid on building websites with blogs.  Your company blog not only helps you with your search engine optimization (SEO), but also help create trust between the business and customer.  Blogs need visuals though.  How often do you click on a link after a search and if the website has just text or is bland looking do you click away and go somewhere else without even reading the content?   That content might be the best ever on the topic you were searching for, but some sort of visual can mean the difference between a click through and a reader of your blog post.

So how can you add visuals to your blog?

One way is through image source websites.  You can create an account with royalty free image websites like or  You create an account with them, you do a search for the topic you want and then based on the size or quality of your image you purchase the image you like to put in your blog.  These images are of the highest quality, you won’t have copyright issues, and it can be done quickly once you are set up.

Sample custom cartoon for bookkeeping.

Maybe you want to use some humor in your blog post.  This is where I come in.  You can commission a cartoonist like myself to create a topical cartoon about the subject matter of your blog to help grab the attention.  Cartoons are easy to read they are funny looking, colorful, and can tell a whole story in less than 10 seconds.  In many cases a single frame comic is the best, but multi-panel cartoons can be used with similar effectiveness.  You want to put the cartoon at the top of the post so it’s the first thing they read.  With a good cartoon that is topical it’ll inspire the reader to spend maybe a little more time to read a bit of the article its attached to.

To get a custom cartoon from start to finish can take some to get finished.  On average it can take a couple days to a week depending on the cartoonist and his/her work load.   So what many cartoonists have are an archive of cartoons that they have done in the past that are available for purchase.  For a one time deal this is the most cost effective, but if your company has a long term goal and a budget to do a custom cartoon every week than having a custom cartoon done is the way to go.

Larger company’s have writers that work for them or they hire writers on a job by job basis.  As a cartoonist this is who I’d want to work with on customizing cartoons for your blog.  If your company doesn’t have a copy writer, a writer I work with a lot is Gil Zeimer of Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe.  He has years of experience working with company’s of all sizes and trades.  If you are a company really trying to make a splash with your blog, improve your SEO, and create a relationship with your customers than good writing and funny cartoons are the way to go.

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  1. Gil Zeimer March 3, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    Hey Fritz, Thanks for the press! Great article about blogging, content and the use of cartoons to punctuate it all!

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