Wondercon 2011 San Francisco

On Saturday I was at the Charles M. Schulz Museum booth handing out buttons and talking with the awesome fans of Mr. Schulz and his creation Peanuts.  It only dawned on me later that I should have taken a lot more photos.  I only took like 4 the whole day.  But I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that these comic book conventions bring out all types of people and all types of costumes.  My booth partner Kristi got a ton of photos and I will try to get some from her to post on this blog, but in a city like San Francisco you don’t always know if the person behind the costume is a man or woman even if it’s a Wonder Woman.  (Yes there were a couple Wonder Women who made you wonder if they were a woman.)

My responsibility was to tell people about the museum, get people to sign up for the email list, and tell people about the summer classes.  The most fun out of the day was the spin wheel that we had set up from 12 to 2 in the afternoon.  People lined up and they would take turns spinning the prize wheel to see what prize they would win.  The worst prize was a rock.  I felt sorry for the people that waited in line to win a rock and I made sure to illuminate them to that fact.  No punches were thrown, but some people wanted to win the rock!  Other prizes were Free Passes to the museum, a 60th anniversary tattoo, a eye glass cleaner that had “Happiness is a Warm Blanket” printed on it from the graphic novel and animated cartoon.  The most coveted piece of swag was the Sally Pin.  It was just fun to talk to everyone and see how excited some of the people got when they won something.  I felt like one of those carnival guys yelling “Step right up!  See the bearded lady and her midget monkey!”

Berkeley Breathed at the Cartoon Museum booth signing books.


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