Bikes Make Life Better with Cartoons

Bikes Make Life Better.  Unless you are me and you have to bike up hill.  There are some nuts out there that like biking up hill though.  Amy Harcourt and Kurt Wallace Martin are those nuts.  Crazy about bikes, Kurt and Amy have started a company that allows company’s to create and maintain a bike commuting program for thier employees.  Their message is clear.  Bikes help the health of the employee, bikes help save the environment, and bikes are FUN!

So when it came to do some marketing for, Amy and Kurt thought to focus on the fun aspect of biking.  What better way to do fun than to use cartoons to get their message across.

“We needed to appeal to a corporate audience, but wanted to convey the fun of riding bikes. Fritz’s cartoons are perfect! We’ve used them on postcards, posters, our website, email and social media. They’ve been so well received. We couldn’t be happier with his work and will no doubt, hire him for more!!” said Amy Harcourt.

If you are a company looking for a unique and fun way to share your message with your customers consider cartoons for your website, blog and email marketing.

And if you need a company to manage your bike commuting program than visit and tell them Fritz sent you.

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