Posted My First Article on Squidoo about How To Use Cartoons for Business

I do Rackafracka every day, but I make my money on doing custom cartoons for business.  Some companies buy cartoons I’ve already done and some ask for custom cartoons that are drawn on demand.  Either way its how I pay the rent.  I just posted an article on Squidoo as to why you should use cartoons for marketing in your business.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Here is a section of the article to give you a taste.


Ways to Use Cartoons for Business

In this post I want to explore the creative and fun ways to use cartoon illustrations for marketing your business. Some of the ways include direct mail, social media, blogs, websites, greeting cards, calendars, sales letters, presentations, email marketing, signs, electronic displays, newspaper ads, trade show graphics, post cards, and more.

There are many reasons why a business should use cartoons in their marketing. One reason is that cartoons are EASY TO READ. Especially in single panel cartoons the captions a typically short. The characters and backgrounds are simple using large shapes and contrasting colors so that the reader will capture the story right away with out a lot of trouble. The advantage of this simplicity is that your message is identified by the reader very quickly with very little effort.

Another reason why cartoons are an effective way to be used in your marketing is that EVERYONE READS THEM. Being that cartoons are simple, they also have a reputation of being fun to read. This possible chance at hilarity is why people when faced with a cartoon will take the 10 seconds to read a cartoon to ponder its joke and its message. By putting your company’s message in with an equally funny joke the reader might think to read further in the email or blog post to find out what more you might have to say on a topic.

CARTOONS CREATE FANS. A regular installment of cartoons on your website or marketing campaign can create fans among your readers. For example if your company sends out a email marketing to your customers and you put a funny cartoon in that email on a regular basis, your customers will know that there is a funny cartoon in the email and they will gladly open the email to see what the cartoon is about. And if you create regular characters your customers will start to care about the character and what happens to them. This takes time, but these characters can become a very important icon to your brand that can reach your customer a lot easier than just text in a marketing campaign.

CARTOONS ARE VERSATILE. Again with single frame cartoons they can put used in multiple areas of marketing. Much like your company’s logo, a good cartoon can be put in forms of marketing. For example if you post a cartoon with your blog post on your company website then a while later send out a post card with the same cartoon your customer, if they like this cartoon, they might hang the post card with the cartoon on it on their fridge, filing cabinet, or in their work area. If you put a series of cartoons together into a calendar and put it along side your branding then the calendar will no doubt hang in front of your customer for an entire year.

CARTOONS CAN EXPLAIN VERY DIFFICULT SUBJECTS If your company is in a industry where your products are difficult to understand by your average customer such as a new technology than a cartoon can help explain it. Because cartoons are easy to read you can use simple images in sequence to explain a difficult process. Using cartoons rather than long paragraphs of text of instructions can be more effective and less frustrating to your customer.

CARTOONS LIGHTEN THE MOOD. Not to pick on any one industry, but there are industry’s out there that are very important to the world, but can quite boring to talk about or listen to. For the boring topics that are abstract and not tangible like insurance, banking, microbiology, etc., one way to lighten the mood or wake people up might be a funny cartoon. Cartoons engage the reader or listener to your presentation. Cartoons invite the reader to read them and invite them to laugh. Now that you’ve woke them up with a cartoon you can now continue on to your more difficult topic.



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