Candy Bar

Have you ever been the new guy in a group?  I haven’t.  But I’m sure you have.  Remember the awkward feeling you get when you are standing around sipping the punch and no one is looking at you or if they do look at you its usually with a fake smile that they turn and walk away laughing as if they just got dared by their true friends to see how close they could get to you before they had to turn away?  I bet you remember it like it was yesterday.  Do you remember going up to a girl and greeting her with that stuttering  squeak of a voice?  You recover by breaking into some pontification about the latest application you have downloaded onto your calculator watch, but after you hold up your wrist to show this woman of your dreams a quick tutorial on how to solve for  pi, you realize she has long since left for the other side of the room where a bit of fresh air might be needed.  Remember that?  This is called prom.  And its the one night out of the year that all calculator watches should be left home.

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