A New Look

The mo-hawk has been around for a while.  The first and best example I can think of is Mr. T from the hit show The A-Team.  I personally have tried to emulate Mr. T.  I’ve got the gold chains and the sleeveless tee, all I need now are muscles and mo-hawk.  But no matter how much Rogaine I use the mo-hawk will not come forth out of this skull.  My attempts are not thwarted however.  As an artist I need to think outside of convention so I have come up with the very first in human history comb over mo-hawk.  It’s very complicated.  What I’ve had to do is grow out at great length the inner part of my horse shoe shaped bald spot.  Then with great skill I mold with gobbs of moose and hair spray my remaining hair into a mo-hawk shape while covering the vast empty space on top of my head where hair has become dead.

No photos yet exist of my creation but I can show you before pictures that can not be found on the internet any where.  Not even by searching on Google:  Bald fat guys.



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