What a Hippie!

I wish I could say that I never owned a tie-dye shirt.  But I have.  I’m happy to say that I don’t own one now.  But this begs the question that maybe I should get one.  I could be on the cutting edge of fashion.  No one is wearing them right now except for small pockets of hippies in San Francisco, so by me wearing tie-dye I could be the first to start the trend all over again.  Much like the mullet had its short run, again with the exception of the entire state of Kentucky which based on internet photos are filled with mullet still.

I think people would think me to be cool if I had a tie-dye shirt.  But even cooler which is not done very often possibly never is a tie-dye sombrero.  Yes sir, there is nothing more cool than a multicolored sombrero to wear to your local neighborhood hot spot or dance club.  So the next time you see a whole bus full of people wearing a tie-dye sombrero you can trace the beginnings back to Fritz as I’m on the cutting edge of fashion.  Lady Gaga has nothing on me.


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