Monte Beauchamp of Masterful Marks New Book

On today’s Huffington Post article they had some excerpts from Monte Beauchamp’s Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World
which highlighted one of my childhood heros Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss books were highly influential on me as a illustrator growing up. The wild characters and rhyme enchanted me and I can read them over and over. Even now I love looking at his illustrations and how they jump from page to page.

In college at the Academy of Art University I learned that Dr. Seuss was very political. He didn’t shy away from putting his opinions into story form. In the book The Sneetches and Other Stories the story of the Sneetches is about yellow people with stars on their belly who discriminate against their yellow counterparts who are without. This story was a satire of discrimination. As kid this was a wild a crazy story, but as an adult I read it and I get this funny point he is trying to make.

As a result of that article I bought the book and I should get it in a day or two. I look forward to looking through it and reporting on what I find.

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