the cartoonist


My pen name is Fritz. I live and work as a professional cartoonist in San Francisco, California. I moved to San Francisco in 1999 from Iowa where I grew up. I came out here to study illustration at the Academy of Art University. Overall my experience at the Academy was good. I learned what I wanted to learn and I skipped the classes that I wanted to skip. All I wanted to do was to do a comic strip. So I worked hard at learning the types of things that would help me achieve that. A week from graduation the director of my program asked me at my portfolio review what I wanted to do with my degree. “I want to be a cartoonist.” I replied. “Good,” she said, “then you won’t need to know how to draw.” How nice of her to say that after I spent $80,000 on my education. My teacher only liked about two students in my class anyway so I didn’t take it to heart.

The last couple of years I have been developing a comic strip called Rackafracka, which is named after my sisters favorite swear word.  I find that the single frame comics sometimes have the most to say. You have to tell the whole story in one frame and because there is no backstory or extra frames that lead up to the punchline the reader is forced to use her imagination, which I think creates a bigger laugh.  Most of my inspirations come from my own experiences, but I often have people tell me that I should do this or that joke.  Many of my jokes have come from people telling me what they think is funny, but everyone knows that I am the only judge of what is funny.

Thank you for reading my comics. They are a lot of fun for me to make. The most fun for me is seeing my comics improve over time as you can see if you surf through the site.  I like hashing over old jokes seeing what did and did not work.  You can best support me by telling all of your friends and family about my little comic. There is a lot of joy in knowing that someone might smile or (hopefully) laugh at my jokes. Without this website my jokes would sitting under my bed. That is like a tree falling in a forest and no one being there to hear it. Ooooo that’s deep.

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