610-Cat Box Meeting

Cats in boxes are an old joke. Or really its not a joke as much as it is a reality. But this is my take on it. Who knows what business these cats are in that would have a conference room let alone sales charts. About 4 weeks ago I bought a dog that I named Squeegee. He’s a beagle. He is just a puppy but unlike a cat he doesn’t want to sit in the box he wants to eat the box. I’ve been doing kennel training and he’ll spend the first 5 minutes of cage time by trying to chew his way through the metal bars.

Walking Squeegee a couple times a day has made me realize that the streets in my neighborhood are absolutely filthy. Squeegee wants to put everything in his mouth and he wants to sniff everything. So my peaceful walk through my neighborhood turns into a garbage obstacle course. I choose routes for the walk based on cleanliness. I’ll say the Bryant Street in my neighborhood has to be the most disgusting street in my hood. I won’t even go on Mission Street.

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