611-Hashtag SOS

Desert island jokes are classic and overdone. But the phenomena of “Hashtag” tweets and posts on your Facebook is really a new technology and something that has yet to be included into the desert island gag.

Have you guys ever played the game where you are told if you are on a desert island and you can only bring one book, or one movie, or bring one person then you are supposed to list that one thing you would want on the island. This game assumes you want to die a horrible starving death while enjoying one last time through the Ernest Goes to Camp. To me this a foolish game. What if you make it off the island?  By some miracle a boat comes by and you are pulled of the island near death. I bet you would never watch your favorite movie or read that book ever again.  And what about that person you wanted to be stranded with?  You’ll never see that person again. Chances are it was your fault that the both of you were stuck on that island to begin with.

A more appropriate game is to play “How to not get stranded on a island.”

First rule to not getting stranded on an island: Don’t go in the ocean where there are islands to be stranded on. Why go there. If you know you are waters that are not traveled very frequently then don’t don’t go there. Stick to coastal waters or lakes with houses all the way around it.

Second rule to not getting stranded on an island: Don’t ever say he lets check that small patch of uninhabitable land out real quick.  It’s never quick!  Remember the show Gilligan Island? That was just a 3 hour tour! It turned into years! If you see a random patch of land in the middle of the ocean don’t go exploring. You boat could sink on the coral or hit some rock or get eaten by a Moby Dick or something and then you are trapped on that island only to watch the same movie over and over.

I hope these survival tips will help you in the future. So far they have really saved my life.

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